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a scarecrow carcass

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a scarecrow carcass
01 May 2010 @ 10:07 pm
Guess what, you can buy (my) art for cheaper today. And I keep the markup.
a scarecrow carcass
11 April 2010 @ 05:36 pm
If you were 12 and could see yourself now, do you think you'd be happy or disappointed, and why?

A little of both. I'm doing one thing I love at the expense of another. I had some very concrete, unwavering ideas about my future when I was twelve, and I've been hit and miss in reaching most of those goals.

However, I always get there in the end, so twelve-year-old me can shut the fuck up :D

I need to finish five discussions on archaeology by Wednesday. Let's goooo.
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a scarecrow carcass
23 December 2009 @ 03:51 am
It's a world that's grown to be
So careless with its memories
Only benevolence can capture what I mean

But how good's this picture
When the background's gone?
And I still feel great about standing tall
When everything went wrong

Let it rain on Monday morning
Right before the world's awake
I will lie there and just think about the weather
Let my blood beat from my chest
And put my veins up to its test
I will breathe in and know what it is to feel alive
I'm alive

Let it rain on my rooftop
So I can hear the sounds of passing winds
Through blowing trees
Well the seasons can say things that I never can
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